Motivation & Support

Family Assistance

This program provides a wide range of tangible items to families in need, such as clothing, food, household items, and toys for Christmas.


This program provides services to people who are homebound and unable to care for themselves. The services are tailored to meet their specific needs, such as limited health care, housecleaning, cooking, emotional support, errand running, childcare, and spiritual enlightenment.

Information & Referral Services

The purpose of this unit is to help individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs and churches by supplying them with information on various subjects and to refer them to other sources of help and assistance as needed.

Women’s Empowerment Support Group

This group is designed for African-American women of all ages to meet once a month (September–May) to discuss issues of importance such as: relationships, health, fears, non-productive/negative habits, childhood traumas, aging, retirement, death and dying, self-esteem, job/career related issues, and life transitions.


Various topics are addressed at these sessions. Some sessions are structured for specific groups, such as women, husbands and wives, teen-agers, and men and boys. They are all designed to empower, educate, and guide; enabling those who attend to leave with solutions, ideals or strategies to deal with their issues.