In-City Women’s Conference

The In-City Women’s Conference was born out of CCCAC Women’s Support Group in June 2000. This holistic personal development conference for African-American women has been provided in an intimate, eloquent, beautiful and peaceful setting within the City of New York. The conference has provided nourishment and luxurious pampering for the entire woman (mind, body and spirit) in a choice hotel. By empowering, educating and guiding women through life’s transitions, this conference promotes the idea that every woman is important.


The Changing of the Seasons

Understanding the seasons of life and preparing for the changes that they bring.


Divided We Fall, Together We Stand

The importance of togetherness, working together and bonding.


Purpose, Plan and Prayer!

How to continue after the September 11th tragedy.


Sister Wit

Connecting woman to woman in a unique and special way with a spiritual flavor.


If The Truth Be Told

Coming to terms with the good, the bad and the ugly issues in our lives.


Learning, Knowing, Doing

To improve our quality of life we must learn, know and then do.


Self-Awareness: Boundaries and Responsibilities

Who we are, how far we can go, and our responsibilities.


The Essence of Life

Discovering what’s important in life.


Where Are You? For Leaders Only

Taking inventory of where we are as leaders.